About M-plastics

We manufacture plastic products for you. From standard seed trays for horticulture to customised electronics parts for the industry. Everything we make – however small – must be perfect. Our team is fully aware of that.

We specialise in thermoforming and injection moulded products. We do a lot of work for the horticulture sector and deliver to more than 20 countries worldwide. We are proud to have realised customised solutions that support improvements in the area of efficiency and user convenience, thanks to the input of horticulturists, growers and IT departments.

We are a green manufacturer in the plastics processing branch. Under supervision of Paul Schildmeijer and Willem-Jan Spiele, huge investments were made to make our company sustainable. They were inspired to act this way by the environmental approach of growers (e.g. natural pesticides for plant disease and generation of green power) and by the expectation that the sustainability requirements will become stricter in the future throughout the chain.

We are the first thermoformer with a full Cradle to Cradle Silver certification. As a member of Benefits of Nature, we actively commit to sustainable renewal in the horticulture sector. That is why we process recycled material and produce our entire range CO2 neutrally.

M-plastics stands for: quality, sustainability, reliability and an attractive price. What we do, we do right. The sustainability of our products does not impede the quality. We believe in this approach and do not pass the costs of making things sustainable on to you. We offer premium and surprisingly affordable circular plastic products.


M-plastics is a solid business with a key focus on quality and an eye for the environment. With a close-knit team, we work on (customised) sustainably manufactured plastic solutions for our customers.

We provide added value in the area of thermoforming and injection moulding. Not only by implementing improvements, using experts where possible, but also by advising and guiding our customers from idea to product delivery. Together, we can achieve the best results.


M-plastics commits to making its environment more sustainable, without compromising the high quality, delivery reliability and cost-effectiveness of its plastics products.

As a circular plastics converter we are ahead of peer-thermoformers in the horticulture sector.

We support our customers regarding the increasing demand for sustainable products and distinguish ourselves by our short lead times, confidentiality, helpfulness and customisation.

Sustainable plastic
for now and tomorrow